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Frank Antonacci – Las Vegas Real REALTOR

Frank Antonacci 2Frank Antonacci became a Las Vegas REALTOR in 2006 because he believed he could create a better experience for buyers and sellers by focusing on communication and education.

Frank is a seasoned Las Vegas REALTOR and an experienced real estate investor with an avg. of 20 personal property rehabs and flips a year.

For true market insight on how to buy the best home or what will help a property sell faster for the best price, Call Frank directly at 702-481-6979.

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Direct Answers About Real Estate In Las Vegas

If you are new to this site and looking for some quick feedback about the buying or selling process, I have provided a few common questions that my real estate clients ask me when we first meet.

Please feel free to call or email me at any time if you’d like to talk real estate investing or would like to view some available homes for sale.

What are a few tips for sellers?

  • Price your home right the first time.
  • Present the home in the best condition possible, invest in your sale.
  • Get a property inspection before you sell, know what you are selling.
  • Have a good knowledge of your market, macro and micro.

What are a few tips for buyers?

  • If using financing, meet with a lender as soon as possible, they will put you in the best position to buy.
  • Get very familiar with the market in which you are searching.
  • Buy for the location and model that you like, not the paint and flooring that you don’t.

What are a few tips you would give investors that want to flip?

  • Have realistic expectations for return on investment, ex. 8% in 50 days.
  • Price your flip slightly below comps.
  • Present a turn-key product.

Why not for sale by owner?

Using a REALTOR to sell your home will save you time and money indefinitely. Advantages such as market reach, negotiating skills, legality, and pricing all play a part in a faster and more profitable sale.

Why not buy a home without using a REALTOR?

Representation by a buyer’s agent is free! The commission is included in the seller’s costs. A licensed agent can be very valuable for your search options, negotiating, and many other facets of the sale.

What should I expect in closing costs?

  • For sellers, 7.5 percent of the sale.
  • For buyers, 1.5 percent (cash) 3 percent (financing)

Are your listing fees as an agent negotiable?

I offer my clients a lower listing commission than most agents. I also include some items such as a listing inspection and buyer home warranty.

How often can I expect to communicate with you?

I consider my communication skills to be the cornerstone of my business. I am available during all business hours, weekends and holidays through email/text/phone (permitting). I promise to promptly return calls/texts/emails in a timely fashion.

How many days does it take to sell a home?

If priced right and in optimal condition, a seller should expect to receive offers within 15 days.

Will you represent me exclusively?

Yes. If I run into a situation where my buyer is purchasing my listing or my seller has a buyer represented my me, I will refer the client to another agent.

Can I back out of a contract to buy a property?

It depends what stage of the process you are in. Usually a buyer has 7-10 calendar days of due diligence to conduct inspections and review disclosures and 5 additional days (when received) to review HOA resale packages (if applicable)

Luke Lauer – Las Vegas Real REALTOR

Las Vegas Realtor Luke Lauer moved to Las Vegas from Colorado in 2004. He has a ton of experience in various forms of real estate. He used to specialize in commercial, but quickly fell in love with the personalization of what it entails to be a residential agent. Luke’s attention to detail and positive attitude makes him the Realtor to choose when looking to list or sell. Luke is compassionate when it comes to finding a house that you can finally call a home. Call Luke today to get started with your dream home journey.


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